Play catch-up with Sowerby and Luff

B&G2012Welcome to the archive site for Sowerby and Luff podcasts. On this page you will find links to over 400 episodes of Brian & Georgina’s programmes, which are now permanently stored online at

The archive begins with highlights of five seasons of Sowerby and Luff’s Big Squeeze (2005) and ends with Sowerby & Luff’s Big Thing (2016). You’ll also find every episode of B&G’s infamous adult puppet series Fluffy TV, a couple of low-tech animated series Explicit Biscuit and Invisible Chicken, and numerous live stage shows recorded on the Edinburgh Fringe.

Brian has also archived all the songs recorded by Sowerby & Luff and a link to Pets, the comedy series he co-created for Channel 4 in 2001.

Award Nominated

Brian Luff and Georgina Sowerby have written and produced comedy together for many years, and have presented some of the UK’s most critically acclaimed podcasts. “Sowerby & Luff’s Big Bang” was UK runner up in the European Podcast Awards, and “Brian & Georgina’s Fat Chance” managed to beat Richard & Judy’s podcast in the same competition the following year.

The pair also presented breakfast shows at Sony Award-winning Coast 96.3 and at 102.8 Chorley FM. Their official autobiography is called Sex Tips for Pandas